I think I’ve forgotten this before.

Like Father, Like Son

I took this photo at a 4H competition at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, in Lawrence. You can’t see it in the silhouette, but this 6-year-old boy is wearing exactly the same red checkered shirt and black hat as his dad. So cute!

Girl’s Best Friend

My friend’s daughter showed her horse “Brownie” in 4-H for many years, but then high-school hit and she was too busy with debate teams and boys. Now Brownie gets apple treats… If dogs are a man’s best friend, then horses are truly a girl’s best friend.

The Most Beautiful View

Took this photo at the zoo on a summer’s afternoon. This guy kept up his beautiful display not for the peahens in the area, but for the popcorn. No fool he, the easiest way to a peacock’s heart is through his stomach!

Puppy Love

My sweetie, John Clayton, actually took this photo one bright winter day by the Kaw river. My fox terrier (pound-puppy mix) loves biting the snow. She’s quite fierce about it, but wants to come over and love you with her snowy muzzle.  

Touch the Sky

Of course I love Rumi and read his poetry often. This quote seems to suit my  late brother Alan’s photo so well. He took it on our last family vacation: a cruise to Alaska.