Welcome Home

I took this photo on a cloudy summer day from a rural dirt road right outside of Lawrence, Kansas. I added bokeh to the sky and brightened the colors of the clover to show off the best kind Kansas country home: humble and cozy. Advertisements

Girl’s Best Friend

My friend’s daughter showed her horse “Brownie” in 4-H for many years, but then high-school hit and she was too busy with debate teams and boys. Now Brownie gets apple treats… If dogs are a man’s best friend, then horses are truly a girl’s best friend.


One of my favorite photos. Taken in my garden in Lawrence, Kansas. I have multiple drawings, paintings and photos of dandelions. It lifts me just to see their downy white feathers and see them floating on a summer’s breeze.


Cupcakes from Backdoor Bakery photographed at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market. Ellie and Jeanette offer sweet necessities, from personal pies to captivating cupcakes, baked with the best of fresh, local, organic ingredients, the finest chocolates and the occasional unique flavor twist.

Elephant Eye

Another selection from my cool printer tray. I’m so glad I bought it. Now I have a reason to go to antique stores and collect things. Best of all, the things that fit into the tray are all very, very cheap. Sometimes, they’re free “finds!”

Fraiser Hall Flags

Went on campus yesterday to shoot a collection of alphabet letters on the buildings. Still working on those, but caught the Fraiser Hall flags while I was there. This may be my new postcard design!

The Most Beautiful View

Took this photo at the zoo on a summer’s afternoon. This guy kept up his beautiful display not for the peahens in the area, but for the popcorn. No fool he, the easiest way to a peacock’s heart is through his stomach!

Puppy Love

My sweetie, John Clayton, actually took this photo one bright winter day by the Kaw river. My fox terrier (pound-puppy mix) loves biting the snow. She’s quite fierce about it, but wants to come over and love you with her snowy muzzle.  

Touch the Sky

Of course I love Rumi and read his poetry often. This quote seems to suit my  late brother Alan’s photo so well. He took it on our last family vacation: a cruise to Alaska.  

Country Bridal

Haven’t decided what words (if any) to pair with this photo: Western Wear? To Have & To Hold? Papa, don’t shoot?

Lawn Chair Security

I’ve been working with watercolors and found papers since Christmas, but I came back to this photo taken last fall. My neighbor has a big community “burn” of leaves and twigs. These are the chairs he pushed together for the clean-up afterward. The dog had just had a litter of pups and was very curious…

Magical Christmas Card

This is one of my brother’s photos, taken on a summer’s day in Florida using an infrared technique. A Florida boy his whole life, he experienced his first snow on a vacation with me and Sameah in Chicago one Thanksgiving. This photo shows off his amazing skills at composition and technique.

9 new holiday cards!

I’ve been energized this holiday season! I finished nine new holiday cards in record time. AND I’m selling them at a big discount. My regular cards are $5/each, but these are $4/each. And since I’m not the only one that only puts a stamp on an envelope only one time a year, I’m selling a set…

Soaring Hawk

Love is not something your heart falls into, but something that picks it up and sets it soaring.


I took this photo at the Lawrence Farmer’s Market. Almost called it “concentric resonance,” but that seemed too literal 🙂


I’ve been wanting to work with this photo for a long time. It’s a sunrise from the deck of my office building. One of the very first pictures I took with Alan’s camera.


I put this poster up in my bedroom to help me meditate. It reminds me of my HeartMath coherence meditation. If you’re not familiar with HeartMath go here: www.heartmath.org

Baker Wetlands: Lawrence, Kansas

Taken at dusk in the newest part of the Baker Wetlands, these cattails were just off the lovely wooden bridge being built there. The slightest breeze, frogs and birdcalls made me feel like I was miles away from Lawrence, even though we were still in town.

Many Many Penguins

These penguins from the Omaha Zoo reminded me of the moment after everyone lined up to take one big family portrait at the reunion, then couldn’t get away from each other fast enough.

Girl’s Best Friend

You can see my daughter’s knee just behind her friend as they pet and give snacks to “Brownie”.

Follow Your Bliss

This is the pysanky egg I have hanging from a pendulum in front of the thangka my friend brought back from Tibet. I wake up to this image every morning, as it faces my bed.


This image was created from a photo my brother took in Alaska. I’m glad to be circulating his work for him. I like thinking that his art lives on and can be seen by others.


Got a great photo of the moon and a separate shot of the trees in moonlight. A little digital manipulation merged them into this.


This lemur was chillin’ in the Omaha zoo over Memorial Day weekend. He’s all like “where’s the remote?”

Fallen Heroes

Took this photo at sunset last fall from the top of the parking garage at Kansas University overlooking the stadium and Campanile.

Reach Beyond Yourself

The 940 Dance Company of Lawrence, Kansas, in their final performance, “Dance of the Rings” at the Clinton Park Museum “Freedom Rings” sculpture commemorating the Underground Railroad.


I’ve loved my velveteen stuffed dog so much that I don’t remember a time with fur. He’s pictured here with two of the fully jointed bears I made for my daughter, and my second favorite elephant.

Puppy Love

Our shelter-rescue fox-terrier mix, Jude, as a six-month old puppy… in the snow… with a wet nose… and a heart-shaped tag. Love this puppy!