Arlington National Cemetery: Shrine to America’s Heroes

by James Edward Peters

Added 25th anniversary edition updates:

Arlington National Cemetery is America’s most treasured national burial ground, steeped in history and the site of many of our most solemn national memories. Much has transpired for America in the last several years since the definitive guide, Arlington National Cemetery: Shrine to America’s Heroes was published. Now revised, the updated 25th Anniversary Edition provides complete coverage of this remarkable shrine, reflects recent events.

Written in close cooperation with cemetery staff, the National Park Service, and Arlington House, the third edition of Arlington National Cemetery is arguably the most comprehensive guide to this cherished place, where lie both the famous–admirals, generals, presidents, Supreme Court justices, and astronauts; and the not-so-famous–enlisted men, nurses, and unknown slaves. Peters details the history of the cemetery’s inception and development and presents more than 100 biographies of some of the most celebrated people buried there.

Enjoy this terrific guide for its coverage of unique and important aspects of American history, or use it to prepare for a trip to Arlington National Cemetery and orient yourself while there. Makes a perfect gift for travelers and history buffs!

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ANC3-25 front cover.jpg


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