Lied Center of Kansas

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Spooner Hall University of Kansas

by Carol Shankel and Barbara Watkins The history of Spooner Hall in black and white pictures and words from construction to today. “Many people wonder which is the best building on campus. It’s a popular question to ask the architectural faculty. Although I don’t have any idea about what they may mean by `best,’ I…

Arlington National Cemetery: Shrine to America’s Heroes

by James Edward Peters Added 25th anniversary edition updates: Arlington National Cemetery is America’s most treasured national burial ground, steeped in history and the site of many of our most solemn national memories. Much has transpired for America in the last several years since the definitive guide, Arlington National Cemetery: Shrine to America’s Heroes was published….

Watkins & Miller Halls

by Norma Hoagland Elizabeth Miller Watkins was the greatest benefactress of the University of Kansas. Her innovative vision for a women’s scholarship hall was the first of its kind in the nation. Watkins Hall, built in 1926, and its twin Miller Hall, in 1937, are striking examples of architecture influencing behavior. Elizabeth’s letters show how she…

Embattled Lawrence: Conflict & Community

Created while I was a senior graphic designer at KU Continuing Education, this book explores Lawrence’s association with the Kaw River, John Brown, Quantrill’s raid, the University of Kansas, Haskell Institute, Langston Hughes, James Naismith, historic preservation, and Liberty Hall.

Tea cups

Watercolor on paper 10″ x 8″


Acrylic on canvas 16″ x 16″


Acrylic on canvas 18″ x 30″


Acrylic on canvas. 16″ x 20″  

Beyond the Stage video series

The Lied Center of Kansas Beyond the Stage series of videos bring to life and educate the community about the additional activities provided for Lawrence area students, preschool through college.

Cat Principles

Cats seem to go on the principle that it doesn’t hurt to ask for WHAT YOU WANT.

Bite You

I really kind of want you to PET ME but I also kind of want to BITE YOU. As every cat owner knows, no one owns a cat.


I have a line I tell everyone who asks “where are you from?” I was born in New Jersey, raised in Florida, went to school in Colorado, got a job in San Francisco and moved to Kansas from LA. When I first came to Lawrence, the oasis of Kansas, I didn’t expect to stay very long….


These Christmas card images are made from decorations in my house, my friends’ houses and the wintery wonderland of Lawrence, Kansas with one exception. My brother, Alan, use an infra-red technique to create the image of a large snow covered tree from a bright green tree on a summer’s day. Alan was brilliant!


Creating inspirational images was the reason I started working with photography at first. After choosing a picture to work with and completing the digital editing and enhancement, I meditate on the feeling I had when I took the photo. I want to evoke a feeling of joy and calm when people see my photography. I…

KU Campus

I’ve been working as a graphic designer for the University of Kansas Continuing Education for 25 years. My photography combines my love of spare fine type with vibrant images.

Pow Wow

Haskell Indian Nations University is in Lawrence, Kansas. They have two pow-wows every year. These images are from their May 2011 graduation dance.

Macro Photography

I treated myself to a new toy that I’ve been wanting for a while: a macro lens! Rather than starting right off on flowers and insects, my first play-date was in the downtown antique mall. Then I realized the miniatures in my mounted printer tray would also look great through a macro lens. And I was right!


These photos of pets and zoo images are among my favorites. Animals are so pure on one hand and so hard to photograph on the other, that it becomes a very satisfying puzzle to get a good image.

We Are All Connected

Last year I received my level two Reiki initiation. I left me with the strong, pervasive feeling of one of the natural laws: everything has a conscience. These images give me that feeling as well as many others. Everyone feels a connection to a special type of animal, be it their “power animal” or some…

Favorite Photos

Some of my favorite, all-time digital manipulations. Enjoy…


Bokeh. Noun. Definition: a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image. Spoons at the antique mall, regular view and macro view, with bokeh.

Lap Dog

Can’t you just see this guy straddling you on the couch, staring you down, then settling into your warm spot after he got you to leave? He was very stoic when I got in close to take his picture at the Fiddling and Picking contest.  


I think I’ve forgotten this before.


I took these photos from the same bouquet of tulips last spring. I like showing them all together. I love the colors and freshness of them. Compassion

Like Father, Like Son

I took this photo at a 4H competition at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, in Lawrence. You can’t see it in the silhouette, but this 6-year-old boy is wearing exactly the same red checkered shirt and black hat as his dad. So cute!

Daily Prayer

Prayer is very important in my life, as a connection to the rest of the world and everything in and around it, a higher being, my spirit guide and myself. Playing with light to illuminate these bowls is part of not only my expressions, but my meditation, too.